Why is Nano CBD Oil Better than Normal Tinctures?

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Understanding Nano CBD Oil

Wanting to understand why nano cbd oil is better than normal tinctures? If you’re already a regular CBD oil user who stocks up monthly or even weekly on your favorite products, you may be surprised to hear about a brand-new CBD craze sweeping the cannabis community. If you’re a little (or a lot) confused by the addition of “Nano” to multiple CBD products stocking the shelves at your local dispensary, you’re not alone. Let’s dive into what nano CBD means and why it matters to you as a CBD connoisseur. 

Why is nano cbd oil better than normal tinctures?

What Is Nano CBD Oil?

The “Nano” prefix might make CBD oil products sound particularly fancy or expensive, but in reality, the concept of nanotechnology is simply the use of extremely small measurements. One nanometer is equivalent to 0.000000001 meters. This number should give you an idea of just how small a nano measurement can be.

In CBD terms, nano CBD oil is a type of CBD product that contains a very small amount of CBD oil bolstered by other compounds that help to produce positive effects and support proper absorption. Your nano CBD oil may include a single droplet of CBD within hundreds of droplets of coconut oil or another effective carrier compound. 

You may be wondering, what is the point of nano CBD? To understand why nano CBD oil is effective, you’ll need to know how CBD oil interacts with our bodies in the first place. 

How Does It Work?

If you’ve ever tried to combine any type of oil with water, you’ll know that the two don’t mix. This same principle applies to human bodies and the way they react to CBD oil. 

Human bodies are made up of over 60% water, and human mouths and digestive systems are no exception to this rule. Therefore, the ingestion of a large helping of pure CBD oil may lead to poor absorption due to the natural interaction of oil and water. 

Though oil and water will never mix no matter how hard one might try, certain compounds can act as stabilizers for this distinct combination. These compounds are used within products that contain CBD oil and are designed to interact with the water in people’s bodies.  

This absorption is where nano CBD oil comes into play. Nano CBD products are designed to increase the absorption of CBD within the body by decreasing the amount included in the product, simultaneously making it easier for the body to digest and utilize the cannabinoid with its water-soluble emulsifiers. 

In this way, nano CBD oil is one of the most effective water-soluble CBD products available today. Its increased bioavailability makes it especially helpful for people who have trouble recognizing the effects of traditional CBD oil preparations.

Nano CBD oil offers a compelling new way for both new and regular CBD users to ingest the compound for maximal effect. Limiting the amount of CBD used can help lower price points while still providing the same levels of relief.  

Benefits of Nano Oil

When used correctly, nano CBD oil can deliver even more water-soluble CBD to the bloodstream than the typical CBD product. One reason for this is the sheer fact that smaller compounds are easier for the body to break down. 

Though other CBD products might technically contain more CBD per ounce, nano CBD oil gives you much more bang for your buck with a greatly increased rate of absorption compared to the average CBD oil. 

Another reason nano CBD oil can have distinct benefits over traditional CBD products is the presence of ingredients known as penetration enhancers

This family of chemicals includes common compounds such as propylene glycol and ethanol, which coat the tiny amount of CBD present in nano CBD products to increase their potential for movement through our skin cells and mucous membrane. 

As you can see, nano CBD oil is more than just a fancy name and hype — there are specific and measurable reasons why this type of water-soluble CBD might create much more dramatic effects than your standard CBD oil. 

Conclusion: Should I Try Nano CBD?

If you’ve never tried a CBD product before, you may want to start with a more common CBD oil with an established quality. Though the possible effects of nano CBD oil are promising, your first experience with the cannabinoid shouldn’t be with a specialized product such as water-soluble CBD.

If you’re a long-time CBD user seeing diminishing returns with your typical CBD products, you may want to give nano CBD oil a try. There’s a chance that your body might be unable to fully absorb the CBD from your other products in a way that produces the desired effects. 

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