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Have Your Favorite Drink with Water-Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD

Water-soluble CBD is specially designed using nanotechnology to create a more absorption-friendly version that can be added to your favorite beverage. CBD is an extremely popular cannabinoid that people of all lifestyles take to reduce stress while having increased feelings of calm. However, even the most regular CBD user may not be aware of the absorption issues that can occur with typical CBD products. 

Oil and water are famously unable to mix. This principle holds true in the interactions between CBD oil and the human body, which is over 60% water. 

Even if your favorite CBD oil boasts a higher percentage of CBD than similar products, it may not actually translate to more noticeable neurological or physical effects.

Luckily, CBD manufacturers have noticed this issue and are working to remedy it with a new product: water-soluble CBD.  

What Is Water-Soluble CBD and How Does it Work?

Water-soluble CBD is specially designed using nanotechnology to create a more absorption-friendly version of your favorite CBD products. Though nanotechnology may seem like a big, fancy word, it just refers to the technology of extremely small quantities. 

CBD oil that has been optimized with nanotechnology, also known as nano CBD, is made with extremely small amounts of CBD. 

These recipes also include special compounds known as penetration enhancers that encourage the increased movement of CBD oil through the different membranous tissues of bodies. 

Essentially, nano CBD oil is designed with greater absorption capabilities in mind. This design means that you can achieve the same or even more potent effects with a water-soluble CBD product with smaller percentages of pure CBD. 

How Is Water-Soluble CBD Made?

This product is produced using nanotechnology techniques that break down CBD oil clusters into smaller globules using sound waves. Eventually, the particles become small enough to dissolve in water, which their larger counterparts cannot do.

This form of processing is quite natural and it doesn’t have any harmful effect on the CBD compounds. It’s a simple mechanical reaction that makes the oil particles small enough to easily be carried in water and other basic mediums. 

Since the CBD particles are small enough to dissolve, the body can more easily digest the compound and successfully experience the desired effects. 

What are the Benefits?

When you ingest substances that aren’t water-soluble, like large quantities of CBD oil or even certain medications, your body is forced to break down the substances using your stomach, liver, or kidneys. This process can strain your body and possibly even decrease your stomach, liver, or kidney function over time. 

When you ingest water-soluble substances, the compound easily breaks down, taking a significant amount of stress off of your internal organs. 

While large amounts of CBD can clump up and struggle to get absorbed by your body, nano CBD oil promises a much greater absorption rate and, therefore, much more potent effects such as reduced stress, pain relief, and feelings of calm and well-being. 

Who Is Water-Soluble Best for?

If you’ve never taken a CBD supplement before, it’s important to consult with a doctor first. In some cases, CBD use can cause adverse effects in individuals that take a certain medication or have preexisting conditions. 

As long as your doctor has cleared water soluble usage, nano CBD oil is safe and generally very effective for most people. 

If you’re already a regular CBD user but have noticed that your typical products aren’t as effective as they once were, you might notice a significant increase in absorption when you switch from ordinary CBD oil to water-soluble CBD oil. 

Best Ways to Ingest

Nano CBD oil is most often taken by mouth, either under your tongue or within a beverage. 

Generally, medications taken under the tongue tend to be absorbed the fastest; however, if you tend to have dramatic reactions to this product, you may want to take it in your favorite drink. 

When the CBD has to pass through your digestive tract, it takes slightly longer to produce the desired effects, so your absorption method should simply depend on your preferences. Taking nano CBD oil by mouth allows you to taste the flavors, too! 

Ready to Try Water-Soluble CBD?

If you’re new to CBD, a specialized product like nano CBD oil may be a bit much for you. However, if you’re a regular CBD user looking for an enhanced experience with your favorite cannabinoid, you may want to consider giving water-soluble CBD a try.

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