What Is Delta 8 THC, and Why Is It So Popular?


What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8 THC) is a psychoactive substance. It is derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike other cannabinoids produced naturally by the cannabis plant, Delta-8 is found in very small quantities. Hence, it is almost always synthesized in a lab setting.

It works just like other cannabinoids. It binds to various sites on the brain and nerves to bring about a sense of calm and euphoria. It is less potent than its counterpart, Delta-9, and people have used it to treat a broad spectrum of disorders and symptoms. These range from nausea and anxiety to pain relief.

The products derived from Delta-8 THC are legal in most US states. They can be consumed in a variety of ways based on personal preferences. These include using the carrier oil of the extract to infuse in capsules or even mix in an edible base to make gummies!

Why is Delta 8 THC so popular?

Delta THC is Popular

1) More Relaxing Experience

Cannabis and its extracts induce a general feeling of calm and euphoria. It has been used as a stress buster for centuries. However, it may also affect some people differently. For example, the Delta-9 THC variant can cause side effects such as:

    • Increased heart rate
    • Nervousness and anxiety
    • Loss of coordination and paranoia

It is also known to cause a ‘high’ that is not very pleasurable for some people. On the other hand, Delta-8 THC is more popular because of its mildness. Its potency is much lesser and leaves the person with a smooth, pleasurable experience. Users have said that the effects are easy to manage. It helps them stay relaxed and focused at the same time. It has helped them with pain relief and anxiety disorders with no ill effects compared to other variants in its class.

Studies indicate that Delta 8-THC may have more medicinal benefits than its alternatives. These are just some of the reasons many people are happily shifting to Delta-8 THC. It helps them function normally and takes the edge off.

2) Little to No Side-effects

Before Delta-8 came along, there was its big brother Delta-9. Delta-9, although more potent, caused some unsavoury effects in its users. Delta-9 can get a person instantly ‘high’ with little to no warning. This could be a big problem if you are driving or in a public setting leading to potentially dangerous situations.

Delta-9 had other serious side effects. It was shown to rapidly increase heart rates and cause crippling anxiety within a few minutes of its ingestion. There are instances where its use has caused paranoia and hallucinations that led to psychosis-like symptoms. As you can tell, this is not what a new user would expect—especially someone who is looking to use its more therapeutic side.

That’s when Delta-8 THC came along and gained popularity. It’s milder and gives a smooth and relaxing experience. It barely causes panic attacks or elevated heart conditions. It also takes a bit of time to show effects; that way, the user is better prepared mentally. Above all, it has almost the same medicinal benefits offered by Delta-9.

3) Better Brain Health and Sleep 

Scientists are closely studying the effects of Delta-8 THC on the brain. These studies and tests explore many aspects of the brain’s functioning. This includes studies about pain control to how it helps deal with the effects of trauma.

One of the exciting properties of Delta-8 THC is Neuroprotection. It forms new neurons (neurogenesis) that boosts cognitive functioning. It elevates the levels of choline and acetylcholine in the brain. This can help in finding effective treatments for many disorders. A few under research are Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, which are neurodegenerative in nature.

The other benefit seen from this variant is its effect on sleep. It can help people with insomnia. The way it acts makes the user relaxed and less anxious. It projects positive thought processes. This, in turn, leads to a mellow and sedated feeling that aids in better sleep. Many people suffering from sleep disorders have found it helpful.

It scores over traditional sleep medicine, which can cause many harmful and long-lasting side effects.

4) Less Potency

One of the most asked questions about Delta-8 is getting a person ‘high’. Many new and recreational users prefer a mellow feeling rather than an intense one. The good news is that Delta-8 is way less potent than Delta-9 or any other variant.

It can provide the same medicinal and recreational benefits without the intensity. On a molecular level, they have only minor changes. However, Delta-9 is suited for experienced people who love an intense effect. New users do not desire this as it can lead to higher heart rates, paranoia, and loss of coordination.

The less potency also means that a person can continue with their daily chores without feeling overwhelmed. Delta-8 does get you feeling ‘high,’ but it’s different. It’s mellow and puts one in a calm state with complete control over their motor functions.

Less potency and no side effects are some of the main reasons for its popularity. We can credit this as the chief reason many first-time users try Delta-8 instead of other alternatives.

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