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We use the term “Nano Enhancer” to describe the “enhanced” bioavailability of CBD that is possible with the use of cutting edge nanotechnology.

So what does all of this mean?

Nanotechnology in simple terms, is the process of breaking down the CBD particles into much smaller, and incredibly tiny particles of CBD.  In theory, by doing so, these tiny micro particles of CBD can penetrate the bloodstream not only easier, but also faster, by being able to pass through “gaps” that otherwise larger particles of CBD would be unable to pass through.  Which then leads us to the possibility of increased bioavailability, which is just a technical term to describe the amount of CBD that is made available for use by your body.

The nanotechnology used to create our line of Nano Enhanced products is the most cutting edge technology in the CBD arena right now.  It is also versatile in it’s use, as you have the ability to mix this with any of your favorite beverages instead of taking the drops orally as you would with sublingual oils.  In other words, you just can’t possibly go wrong with Blue Sky Farms Nano Enhanced CBD!

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Blue Sky Farms CBD 30 mL CBD Water Soluble with 1,000mg

Blue Sky Farms CBD created this Enhanced cbd water soluble with the newest and most cutting edge technology for CBD production.  This 30 ml, or 1 oz., bottle contains 1000mg of Nano water soluble that you can buy online or at Blue Springs CBD. We do not recommend taking our product orally, due to the bitter taste!  This is a product we actually recommend mixing your favorite drink of choice instead.  As this product is water soluble, and most other sublingual oils are not.


Nano Water Soluble Product Information:

  • Natural, Organic, Pure Nano CBD and Purified Water
  • 1,000mg of Enhanced CBD in entire bottle
  • 33mg of Nano CBD per full dropper (approximately)
  • Third party batch tested to assure purity, potency, and safety.
  • Our CBD is 99+% Pure and is made from NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE, CO2 Extracted Industrial Hemp Oil.
  • Shake a little before using


1000mg CBD Water Soluble Tincture

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1 review for CBD Water Soluble 1,000mg – 30 mL – Blue Sky Farms CBD

  1. Tina Gibson

    I have a good friend who suffers from a debilitating condition that causes seizures, sometimes up to 8 per day. These products are amazing. After giving her the CBD water soluable product, I’m happy to report her seizures have decreased along with her overall pain from her surgeries and medical condition. Thank you so much for offering a natural solution to those with chronic pain. It is a game changer for so many!

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99+% CBD Isolate
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Tested and Certified
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Heavy Metals Tested – No THC

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