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Relaxation & Restful Sleep CBD Isolate Tea


We are honored and excited to present a tea exclusively crafted for Blue Sky Farms by an internationally known, award winning herbalist and Master Tea Maker. This blend includes herbs specifically chosen to promote the mental and physical relaxation needed to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. A well-rested mind and body heals faster, feels better, and performs more efficiently.

Hemp Derived CBD 25mg AM Capsules


You just woke up, your mind and body are refreshed, it’s a new day! The A.M. capsules deliver a strong 25mg dose of CBD to keep inflammation, pain, anxiety, etc. at bay, while the small amount of natural caffeine helps with focus and clarity. Smile and go catch the sunrise!

Hemp Derived CBD 25mg Capsules


If you are not a fan of oil in your mouth or in your smoothie, and if vaping is not something you are interested in, a strong 25mg dose of CBD in capsule form is a quick and simple method to deliver the oil to your system without having to taste it.

Hemp Derived CBD 25mg Gummies


Our star-shaped gummies are so cute, you almost don’t want to eat them! Decorating with them, however, could get messy and is not recommended. We pack a powerful 25mgs of CBD into each little star. They are perfect for CBD on the go. Come on – you know you wanna!

Hemp Derived CBD 25mg PM Capsules


If you wanted us to sing you lullabies every night, we probably would, but we encourage you to remember “stranger danger” and instead try our P.M. capsules. Each capsule packs a strong 25mg dose of CBD to calm your mind and body, and just enough melatonin to ease you to sleep. Dream sweet.

Hemp Derived CBD Antiseptic Soap 100 mg


This is no ordinary soap – nope. This soap concentrate has magical powers! Not really, but it does contain our amazing CBD. Use this soap for washing wounds, abrasions, and even acne. You’ll not only get clean skin, but it will calm any inflammation and promote faster healing.

Hemp Derived CBD Hand Cream 2 oz 500 mg


A little dab’ll do ya! Look at the tip of your pinky finger, a dollop that size to start, but more if you need it. It packs a powerful punch yet it’s pocket size, perfect for travel, and great for relief on the go. Our super soft and potent cream will leave you feeling moisturized while giving your body the CBD it needs to ward away the unwanted affliction.

Hemp Derived CBD Healing Oil 50 ml 100 mg


Have you ever considered anything being better than a relaxing massage? No? That was before our CBD Healing Oil. Imagine rubbing this into your body… OH MY! Things are looking up, my friend! Mention this to your massage therapist. Don’t have one? Never fear!! Just put a small amount in your hand and practice some soothing self massage. Ahhhhhh, bye-bye pain.

Hemp Derived CBD Isolate Drops 1 oz 2,500 mg


This is CBD Super Wow! 4mg PER DROP! These potent drops can be put in food, under the tongue, or directly on pulse points or sore areas on the body. You can add it to your own oils for massage, put it in a smoothie or right between your peanut butter and jelly. Mmm… listen, we don’t judge anyone!