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Moon Rocks Skywalker OG Strain

This strain of Moon Rocks uses the highly popular Skywalker OG flower that is fortified with Ghost Train Haze delta 8 distillate and covered with as much CBG Kief as possible.


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Get Over the Moon with Skywalker OG Moon Rocks

Get over the moon from Blue Springs CBD with our Skywalker OG Delta 8 Moon Rocks. Delta 8 Moon Rocks takes its name from its cratered and craggy appearance. But don’t let that fool you. These tiny rocks deliver boulder-size effects. Check out all our Delta 8 Flower Strains.

Skywalker OG Moonrocks covered with Ghost Train Haze Distillate

This strain of Moon Rocks uses the highly popular Skywalker OG flower that is fortified with Ghost Train Haze delta 8 distillate and covered with as much CBG Kief as possible.

Other Moon Rock Strains Available

There are 6 different moon rock strains available through Blue Springs CBD. The psychoactive effects make it a rare product that energizes the mind while relaxing the body, and as a result many people use Moon Rocks to simply enjoy themselves. This is a product that works equally well in the day or evening, providing enjoyment, comfort, and relief whenever needed. These strains will get you very distinct flavors the different hemp flower strains have their own unique taste while adding purified Delta 8 Distillate over the flower, and then covered with as much CBG Kief as possible.

We carry 5 other strains of Moon Rocks to choose below:

Moonrocks are the Strongest Type of Delta 8 THC Flower

With over 35% Delta 8 THC, Moon Rocks have the highest percentage of Delta 8 of any product.  Moon Rocks are made for experienced cannabis smokers or people who need higher doses of THC to feel relief.

These kief-covered buds are sticky and pleasant with a chocolate-coffee aroma that includes faint notes of fruit upon exhale. When you break open one of these Moon Rock nugs, you will see a darker green color and bulky bud structure. The taste is a flavorful, earthy and fruit mixture that is closer to true cannabis than hemp.

Delta 8 Moon Rocks produces intense body effects that hit within five minutes of first smoking and grow slowly for 15 minutes. At the same time, psychoactive effects boost mood and add an upbeat feel to accompany the slow unwinding of the body.

What are Delta-8 Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks is the name given to cannabis buds that are soaked in a distillate containing CBD or THC, then rolled in a powder of cannabinoid-heavy kief. In other words, Moon Rocks is a way of combining two or more strains of cannabis into one product that produces powerful and multi-pronged effects.

You can think of Moon Rocks like a delicious cake lined with a flavorful fruit filling and topped with creamy frosting. Each component is satisfying on its own, but they achieve something transcendent when combined.

These Moon Rocks are a triple dose of cannabis flower that leads to powerful physical and mental effects. By combining the relaxing efficacy of Bubba Kush, the uplifting feelings produced by Diesel, and the restorative powers of CBG and CBD, these Delta 8 Moon Rocks relax the body and energize the mind.

Warning: Skywalker OG Delta 8 Moon Rocks Get You High

Most importantly: Be careful! Delta 8 THC produces a milder, gentler high than Delta 9, but the psychoactive effects can still overpower users to take too much. Because Moon Rocks has such a high concentration of Delta 8 THC, it’s best to start with a very small amount and wait 20-30 minutes before trying more.

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Skywalker OG Moon Rocks


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