Soothing Body Cream – CBD 450 mg/CBG 150 mg


CBG ( Cannabigerol) is the “new kid on the block” in cannabinoid research and extraction.

Although at this point CBG is not widely researched, there is reason to believe that this cannabinoid, that like CBD is found in the hemp plant, has the potential to offer powerful, as well as complementary benefits to CBD.

Blue Sky Farms has a strong belief in the natural healing properties contained inside of the hemp plant, so in an effort to make the most out of our topical creams, we have now decided to offer a cream containing BOTH CBD and CBG as an all in one, natural, balanced product.

CBG is thought to have the potential to help with psoriasis, inflammation, and possibly pain reduction when applied topically.  It is with these theories in mind that Blue Sky Farms developed this incredible new topical formula that would become more of an “all over” body cream that could potentially have a variety of uses, and applications for our customers.


Blue Sky Farms CBD/CBG Body Cream is the latest formulation in topical creams intended for a variety of conditions.  The addition of the CBG cannabinoid is at the forefront of leading edge potential found within the hemp plant.

  • All Natural, Organic, Pure CBD & CBG blended with shea butter, almond oil, and beeswax.
  • 450 mg of CBD in each container.
  • 150 mg of CBG in each container.
  • Third party batch tested for purity and safety.
  • Long lasting 4 oz. container.
  • Our CBD & CBG is 99+% Pure and is made from NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE, CO2 Extracted Industrial Hemp Oil.


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