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Sativa Strain Sour Lifter Preroll Joints

Take the work out of smoking with a convenient and popular way to enjoy Delta 8 with pre-rolled joints. These Sour Lifter prerolls will produce a euphoric uplifting effect to help you through your day.

Sour Lifter Strain is grown using organic and 100% solvent-free methods. First, we melt the Delta 8 THC isolate onto the Bubba Kush CBD buds. Then we add a layer of CBD kief to provide a boost of flavor terpenes and beneficial cannabinoids. The buds are then pressurized container which forces the Delta 8 distillate to fuse into the CBD buds.

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Delta 8 THC Preroll Joints with Sour Lifter Sativa Strain

Order Sour Lifter Sativa Preroll Delta 8 THC Joints online today from Blue Springs CBD. The Sour Lifter Strain is known for its extremely high content of CBDa and is a cross between Sour Diesel and Lifter. Sour Lifter is a sativa dominant hybrid known for its ability to help sooth the mind and body as it helps in boosting your mood and energy.

Like many sativa strains know for their uplifting effects, this makes these Sour Lifter prerolls a great choice for both daytime and evening use. This strain is a “go-to” for many regular users again and again because leads to a more relaxed and enjoyable state of mind.

Premium Raw Cones

The Sour Lifter Strain, like all of our prerolled joints, start with using only premium Raw cones, that are filled only A-level buds. We don’t include biomass in these joints. We only work with farms that have plants that are grown using organic farming practices in indoor or light-assisted greenhouses. Each hemp plant is hand-trimmed and slow cured over 12-14 days to ensure these are the best Delta 8 pre rolls on the market.

This hemp flower strain is composed of thick, stocky buds that are light lime green. The airy shaped structure of this CBD nug, and its unique aroma, make Sour Lifter an easily identifiable strain.

The Delta 8 THC in these prerolls is made by a solvent free method, in which Delta 8 is melted onto organic CBD hemp flower, then kiefed and placed in a pressurized container to bind the Delta 8 distillate onto the flower.


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