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CBD + CBG Body Cream with 450mg CBD + 150mg CBG

Soothing Body Cream Combines of 450 mg CBD with 150 mg CBG


Soothing Body Cream with 450 mg CBD + 150 mg CBG

CBG ( Cannabigerol) is the “new kid on the block” in cannabinoid research and extraction.

Although at this point CBG is not widely researched, there is reason to believe that this cannabinoid, that like CBD is found in the hemp plant, has the potential to offer powerful, as well as complementary benefits to CBD.

Blue Sky Farms has a strong belief in the natural healing properties contained inside of the hemp plant, so in an effort to make the most out of our topical creams, we have now decided to offer a cream containing BOTH CBD and CBG as an all in one, natural, balanced product.


CBD Soothing foot cream 500 mg cbd hemp extractCBD Soothing foot cream 500 mg cbd hemp extract

Soothing Foot Cream – CBD 500mg


CBD Foot Cream

Blue Sky Farms CBD Soothing Foot Cream is the latest topical creation that can be used for far more than just your feet!  This buttery cream has the same cooling sensation that you have came to love with our salves and lotions, with a powerful 500mg punch of CBD in just a 2oz. container!

Although your feet are an ideal place to use this product due to it’s potential to have anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties, you may use it anywhere else you would like on your body.  The additional ingredients of tea tree oil, and camphor oil make this product a great candidate to possibly assist with psoriasis, dandruff, inflamed skin, pain relief, acne, and it may also help with healing of minor cuts and scrapes.

Pro Tip:  CBD is best utilized with daily use of a Sublingual Oil or our Nano Enhancer.

CBD Pain Cream 250mg

CBD Pain Cream – 250 mg


This is a great way to “sample” our incredible Pain Cream.  With a 2oz bottle we have kept the cost down for you so you can experience the benefits all of our other customers are from our incredible topical CBD products!

Don’t let the 250mg fool you!  This is the exact same formula that we use in our 1,000mg Pain Cream, but in a 2oz bottle vs. the 8oz pump bottle with the 1,000mg.

If you were hoping to find a way to give our topicals a “test ride” before purchasing a large amount, this is the one for you!  This can also be used as a convenient travel size bottle to take with you anywhere you go without having to worry about packing the large 8oz pump bottle.

1000 mg CBD Pain Cream by Blue Sky Farms

CBD Pain Cream – 1,000 mg


CBD Cream for Pain 1000mg

Experience the same benefits as our flagship product, the 1,000mg Pain Salve,  but in a lotion based formula that provides more flexibility and versatility.

This product has a whopping 1,000mg dose of Blue Sky Farms CBD, as well as gentle cooling sensation for added relief from natural menthol and peppermint.  With a convenient pump bottle, this is a lotion based formula that can be used on large or small areas, as well as great for feet and hands.

This lotion based formula works great for massage on large areas such as the back, shoulders, arms, legs, and neck.

Topical CBD Hand Cream

CBD Hand Cream 2 oz – 500 mg


CBD Hand Lotion Cream

A little dab’ll do ya! Look at the tip of your pinky finger, a dollop that size to start, but more if you need it. It packs a powerful punch yet it’s pocket size, perfect for travel, and great for relief on the go. Our super soft and potent cream will leave you feeling moisturized while giving your body the CBD it needs to ward away the unwanted affliction.