CBD Soap

Antiseptic Soap with CBD is More Effective

CBD soap is soap that is infused with hemp oil extract. Soap is a tool that can help you maintain your hygiene and skin health, but many antibacterial soaps have been found to contain harmful chemicals. Luckily for us (and our microbes!), there’s now CBD-infused soap that is antiseptic, or anti-bacterial! It not only kills 99% as effectively at getting rid of bacteria – it also has the potential benefits of anti-inflammatory properties that could possibly provide soothing relief.

Organic Ingredients with the Power Combination of CBD & Antiseptic Cleaning

CBD infused bath products are made using high quality organic ingredients which are thought to provide antioxidant benefits such has prevention against age spots or wrinkles while stimulating hair growth where needed most: on your scalp. We believe wholeheartedly in this amazing product because not only does every drop count…but how could anyone say no.

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  • CBD Soap - Antiseptic Soap Wash with CBD

    CBD Antiseptic Soap – 100mg


    This is no ordinary soap – nope. This soap concentrate also contains the now famous Blue Sky Farms CBD!

    In 2020 we learned a great lesson about hygiene and skin care, and this provides all of the qualities of an antiseptic soap with the added benefit of CBD!

    Use this soap for washing wounds, abrasions, and even acne. 

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