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Hemp Derived CBD Nano Shot Detox 1 oz 10mg


Meet our little friend, Detox Nano Shot. When trouble is arising, you want this small but powerful friend in your pocket. Loaded with superfood nutrients and our 99% pure CBD, having the Detox Shot in your corner will help with situations like a regretful night out, a nasty cold, or a liver in need of a little cleaning. Let’s not forget inflammation, weight loss, digestion, and energy depletion. Yep. You’re welcome! Take care of yourself.

Hemp Derived CBD Nano Shot Energy 1 oz 10mg


What do you get when you combine amazing herbs, the best superfoods, and our 99% pure CBD? If you guessed rocket fuel – close but no cigar! Rocket fuel is all chemically and bad for you and stuff, but our Nano Energy Shot definitely gives you a beautiful energic boost, anytime you need it. No jitters, no crash, and with fast-acting nano technology, no waiting! Check it out.

Hemp Derived CBD Nano Shot Rest 1 oz 10mg


What? Our Nano Rest Shot? Yeah, it’s kind of amazing. You want to know more? Basically it’s sweet dreams, 3 stars, and a lullaby carefully poured into one little bottle. This simple shot quickly delivers calm and relaxation to your restless body. Our 99% pure CBD, a tiny bit of melatonin, a smidge of valerian root, and a sprinkle of fairy dust (just kidding – or am I?) gently help you regulate your healing sleep cycle. Goodnight, sleep tight!