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HHC flower There is no better way to get the pure HHC experience than with HHC flower. For anyone looking for a more traditional smoking experience with next to none of the drawbacks of Delta-9, HHC flower is the right choice for you! And the quality flowers at Blue Springs CBD provide you with the rich, heady experience you’re looking for.

What Is HHC Flower?

HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is a minor cannabinoid found naturally in cannabis and hemp plants. Most HHC products are semi-synthetic and extracted from CBD. Even though HHC is found within the plant, it’s in too small of quantities to be harvested efficiently.  The HHC flower is harvested directly from the hemp plant. While the flower contains trace amounts of HHC, scientists will use the extract from CBD compounds to coat the flower in HHC. The result is a blissful smoking experience that’s as relaxing as it is energizing.  All HHC flowers derived from hemp are considered legal, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. The Blue Springs CBD flowers comply with the bill, but you’ll still want to check your local and state laws before you make a purchase in case they restrict HHC or other cannabinoids.

Can Smoking HHC Get You High?

Yes, smoking HHC will produce a high with some mild psychoactive effects. But it’s much less intense than smoking THC flower. It’s said that HHC is around 70% less potent than THC, but anecdotally, it’s more intense than Delta-8.  HHC flower is the quickest way to the high you’re looking for, but it can also become a ritual for some. The flower packs a wallop of aroma and flavor exclusive to enjoying HHC through smoking. While the benefits and the highs are the main draws, the entire process is thoroughly enjoyable.

How Intense Is HHC Flower?

For most people, the potency of HHC flower will land somewhere between Delta-8 and Delta-9. When you enjoy HHC flower, you may notice your mileage varies. The intensity of your smoke session will depend on several factors. If you feel like you’re getting a more or less potent experience, consider:
  • Your tolerance level
  • How much you’ve consumed
  • If you’ve eaten recently
  • The potency of the flower you purchased
  • Your bodyweight
All of these aspects can affect how you react to HHC flower. If you’re concerned about potency, we recommend enjoying our HHC flowers in a safe environment and starting with a smaller amount. You can then note how you feel and adjust as you see fit. 

What Are the Effects of Smoking HHC Flower?

Hemp-derived HHC flower has similar effects to Delta-9 THC, though it is a much more relaxing and mellow high. A few of the benefits that you could see with HHC consumption are:
  • A more restful night of sleep
  • A balanced mood and energy
  • A calmer, more relaxed disposition
  • An increased appetite
  • Heightened senses and comfort levels
HHC flower is also popular for its lack of unintended side effects. These effects, such as red eyes, dry mouth, and headache, are mild and go away quickly. However, speaking with a healthcare professional is always beneficial to discuss how HHC flower fits into your lifestyle and wellness routine.

How Can I Smoke HHC Flower?

Smoking HHC flower is the same as smoking any hemp flower. But if you’re new to cannabinoid flowers, you’ll want to pick up something to smoke the product with.  Water bongs, joint papers, and pipes are popular options that all have their appeal and drawbacks depending on where and how you’ll be smoking. Bongs aren’t conducive to smoking on the go, while joint papers, which are much more discreet, will be.  Vaping is also an option for anyone who would rather avoid the scent and harsh smoke of the flower. You can even incorporate HHC flower left over from the vaping process into crafting your own unique edibles. The possibilities with flower are as bountiful as the hemp it comes from!

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If you’re ready to try HHC flower, look no further than the quality flower at Blue Springs CBD! We’re a trusted name in cannabinoid products and passionate about our work. Please take a look at our assorted HHC wares, and start your journey towards a more centered, balanced, and relaxed self! Read More Read Less
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