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Delta 9 THC with Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Have you been looking for a legal way to purchase Delta 9 THC gummies without a medical card, and also online?  Blue Springs CBD is now carrying a legal Delta 9 THC gummy that also contains a large amount of Full Spectrum CBD!  Get the best of both worlds with this ground breaking product!

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Legal Delta 9 THC Gummies

Do you love gummies like we do? Of course you do! Our friends at Stardust Hemp Farms created an amazing gummy packed with the benefits of CBD and Delta 9 THC that is as delicious as it is potent.

Being a retailer of quality CBD products is essential to us at Blue Springs CBD. We know that not all gummies are created equal, which is why we only source our products from the best hemp-growing practices. Our partners at Stardust Hemp work with organic plant genetics and high integrity for their cultivation of unique strains to provide you a premium product!

100% All-Natural Vegan Gummy Containing 10mg Delta 9 THC and 100mg Full Spectrum CBD

You won't find any funny business with these yummy gummies! Made from natural strawberry puree and infused with tons of flavor, they're also free from added preservatives or artificial coloring. We keep it real by using pectin and tapioca which provide the chewy texture you expect in a typical candy-like fruit treat while only using a little sugar so as not to overwhelm customers who can be thoughtful about their intake (and don’t need extra sweetness). You’ll notice that some of the natural ingredients in these gummies have a dark hue, but don't worry! It's just strawberry pieces hiding under all those layers.

The top-quality full spectrum hemp distillate gives them extra support with cannabinoids and finally provides you some extra kick with THC to keep things going strong until next time
The benefits are clear: an enhanced buzz...

1:10 Ratio of Delta 9 THC to CBD

The perfect balance of CBD and THC is found in these gummies. They're made with 100mg full-spectrum hemp oil, which has been spiced up by CBC for an added boost! An additional 10 mg Delta 9 THC from industrial hemp is included creating a perfect 1:10 ratio in each gummy.

Best Full-Spectrum CBD, CBC, and THC Gummies That Require NO Medical Card

With the legalization of hemp, these flavorful and mighty gummies provide a huge kick. We have formulated this recipe to offer high potency 100% cannabis-derived cannabinoids like THC even though it is extracted from Hemp! That’s right -even in our delicious fruity flavors you'll find no synthetic compounds or artificial ingredients used anywhere in these gummies.

In 2018 the Farm Bill legalized nationally the use and sale of commercial hemp products in the US for those products containing less than .3% THC.  Since these gummies are heavy (weighing over 4 grams each), the 2.5mg of THC in each gram of gummy allows it to stay well under the .3% gram limit.

We are proud to say that these gummies are fully legal as a hemp product, and you can purchase them directly from our website or at Blue Springs CBD in Blue Springs, MO. Hemp-derived edibles are not regulated as a medical marijuana product, and so you do not need a medical card to purchase.

How Long Do THC CBD Edibles Last?

You'll feel the effects of our full-spectrum recipe for hours! These hemp derived THC infused into these gummies provides a euphoric feeling that can last four to five hours; without feelings of anxiousness because they interact with different receptors in your body. We also have other cannabinoids which modify how you experience high from cannabis so it doesn't make you melt away mentally - instead giving a relaxation feeling while enjoying an euphoria physical sensation.

Where Can I Find CBD-THC Gummies Near Me?

Don’t miss out on the best THC-CBD gummies on the market! The added boost of CBC prepares you to fill your afternoon with dreamy, blissed-out vibes. We are part of a select group of stores that provide Stardust Farm’s Strawberry Gummies, and we make it easy for you to get your hands on them.

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47 reviews for Strawberry D9 Gummies

  1. Mitch Singletary

    I was unsure of these at first, but I can honestly say that these are stronger than I anticipated! Fast shipping too!

  2. Clint McAlister

    Very relaxing. I’m really enjoying these, and I don’t need a medical card to get them. Highly recommend!

  3. Autum Baker

    Wow! I’m in love. Can’t believe these are legal. Great taste too
    Highly highly recommended

  4. Peggy Saban

    Some friends lead me to the Delta 8 gummies from here, and I fell in love! I got an email about this new product, and I must say I love these too!

  5. Francisco A. Bautista

    A lot stronger than I anticipated! Pleasant surprise for sure. Highly recommend these gummies. The full spectrum CBD is icing on the cake with these.

  6. Alex Koch

    Go for it if you know what you’re getting with these. More CBD could imply pain alleviation, relaxation, or even a way to rebalance oneself. The high is just enough. However, this is a somewhat not costly method of obtaining CBD.

  7. Jason Lomonte

    I am medical card holder, so I have a tolerance to this beautiful plant. I tried Blue Springs CBD Delt 9 gummies and 1 worked for me. It was like an indica or a muscle relaxer, I was very relaxed. I would highly recommend any of their products!

  8. Terre K

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! I can’t believe how relaxing these are. Might want to cut in half the first time. I was told that I might want to take half to try. They were right. Did I listen …

  9. Jonathan R. Sartori

    It’s fantastic!! Ate two assisted me in winding down and made going to bed a breeze!!

  10. Suzanne Blank

    This is a good product that I recommend for daily leveling. I suffer from severe anxiety, and the 10:1 ratio is quite beneficial.

  11. Edward Miller

    These make me feel so relaxed, soft, and free. I usually have a lot of stress, pain, and worry, but these truly help me stop thinking and focusing on the unpleasant feelings in my body, and everything simply goes away.

  12. david pearman

    Awesome gummies!!!

  13. Brooke


  14. david pearman

    Awesome gummies!

  15. William A Bloomer

    For UC and ADHD, I take 20-30mg of CBD every day. Wana gummies are fantastic because they make micro-dosing simple and they taste great (no nasty aftertaste). There isn’t enough THC in 1mg to provide any psychoactive effects.

  16. Corey J. Endicott

    Yes, it is utilized for pain relief during the day while allowing you to function normally.

  17. Hayden Conder

    I suffer from an anxiety illness and have a variety of sleep problems, including chronic pain that stops me from sleeping adequately. This makes it easier for me to go asleep and stay asleep for longer.

  18. Christena Lee

    Tried these for the first time after using the CBD oil. They taste amazing and I’m now sleeping better than I have in years!!! Highly recommend!!

  19. Ali Macansh

    I have great tolerance, so I didn’t notice it psychologically, but it was quite pleasant bodily. I believe this would be beneficial to those who do not wish to become excessively high.

  20. Eric Wells

    I had overheard how good the delta 8 was.
    I was given a delta 9 after asking for a sample and I will say I should have cut it in half …
    For me I have anxiety at times, and have always had trouble getting to sleep. These work far into the next day of feeling happy and not so stressed plus I slept like a baby. I took it early enough to not feel any hangover in the Morning.
    After I took one I decided to go get me a bag of 30 the next day.
    I bought a bit higher mg one I went with the 300mg verses the 200mg so I can split them when I take one and get a little longer out of them.
    It ends up being 3 bucks a piece what a deal, on the 30 amount ones I purchased! Not bad.

    My wife also thinks I’m less high strung now! And it adds to your sex life too! Trust me!

    I wondering now though, can I take them on an airplane or not?
    Like for vacation… or will they frown upon that? Lol

    Thank you very much Kurt! And Blue Springs CBD for all that you do!

  21. Clara J. Doty

    In the past, I’ve gotten gummies that didn’t taste good and didn’t have an effect on me. These are completely different. They taste really good and I felt the effects within 15-25 minutes. Helped melt away my pain.

  22. Eva H. Medina

    This is the first CBD product in which I noticed a difference. Provides a general sensation of well-being and reduces anxiety. This is an excellent product.

  23. Tyler Studer

    After such a good experience with the D8 gummies from here, I wanted to experiment with these to compare after I got an email about these coming out. I love both for different reasons. This one really works good for me before bed and knocks me out. The D8 I use to micro-dose throughout the day.

  24. Randall Parker

    HIGH OCTANE!!! These an the moon rocks are lit!

  25. Terry Stark

    Fantastic products, no question on the quality this is the real deal. Slipped c6/c7 disk 6 months ago, I strongly dislike big pharma but when you’re in that much pain what do you do…? You get the Delta 9 gummies and kick all the side effect the pills give you out the window….And then you get some real relief. Hands down worked just as good if not better then the Vicodin the Dr had me on. Customer service is always 100%

  26. Jason Lomonte

    I am a medical card holder, so I have a tolerance for this beautiful plant. I tried Blue Springs CBD Delta 9 gummies and 1 worked for me. I was like an indica or a muscle relaxer. I was very relaxed. I would highly recommend any of their products.

  27. Tiffani Scarborough

    A good friend of mine gave me a couple of hers to try, I was in disbelief how well these worked and that she ordered them legally from here. I just got my first order, and shipping was really fast. I’ll be sending everyone I know here.

  28. Sammie Bedford

    Got these and bubba kush flower. Surprised by both products. I use these before bed and they put me down. I just ordered more gummies along with a few other flower strains. Great company.

  29. Chase Ritter

    These really level me out. It has to be the combination of Delta 9 THC ALONG with the Full Spectrum CBD that makes these so much better than one or the other alone. This is a killer combination!

  30. Madelyn Fleishman

    As much as I like the Delta 8 from here, I had to make the switch over to these after trying them. Both are great, don’t get me wrong. I just prefer these now. Lol!

  31. Catherine Self

    Super fast shipping and very high quality product. Very happy customer.

  32. Chris Adler

    After going through 3 bags, I couldn’t help but leave a review for others. Lol! Seriously these gummies are unlike anything else out there, and I’ve tried copious different brands and kinds. I’m leaving a review in hopes that others will stop wasting money on inferior products as I have. Shipping was as fast as Amazon too. For LEGAL Delta 9 THC, this is where it’s at.

  33. Jamie Stafford

    Every product I have tried is amazing! Really fast shipping. Highly recommend.

  34. Jessica Bowers

    I got these for a legal alternative to weed gummies. I figured it was worth a shot to save the possible legal hassle. They exceeded my expectations by a long shot! Thanks Blue Springs CBD! Your Delta 9 gummies are simply amazing!

  35. Madison Fowler

    Only took 2 days to get my order! As for the gummies, AMAZING! Hard to believe these are legal, let alone mailed directly to me. Lol! I just ordered more of these Delta 9 THC gummies, and also decided to try the Moon Rocks, and a couple of flower strains. I will post more about those after I get them.

  36. Joshua Felton

    You can quite literally taste the “product” in these. I knew from the first bite that these were the real deal, and about 30 minutes later that was certainly confirmed!!! Yowzers! I can’t believe how good these are, and still legal Delta 9 THC.

  37. Tanner Hess

    These are legal??? Lol! Unreal. Just unreal. If you haven’t tried them, do yourself a favor and do.

  38. wilbert

    Tried a whole one and it was potent.. Now I only take half of one and still feel the effects. Great taste too

  39. Darin Pearson

    These are just as good, if not better than what you can find in any dispensary. I personally think they are better, and I travel all over the country for my career. I’ve experimented with countless brands. I highly recommend Blue Springs CBD. I no longer look anywhere else while I’m on the road, and I know they will get shipped to me in 2-3 days like clockwork.

  40. Juli Stavely

    I’ve been using the these Delta 9 gummies for 3 months now. I have a very high tolerance to THC. I have worked manual labor for 28 years and have pain pretty much everywhere. After 3 months I’m issue free!

  41. Melanie Franks

    These are legal?!?! ???? Needless to say these are AWESOME!

  42. Jenna Hayes

    Received my package in 2 days! From the first bite I knew these were real. After about 30 minutes I DEFINITELY knew these were real! ???? Fun times! A very satisfied customer!

  43. Jared Burson

    Blew my expectations away! Kurt responded fast to answer my questions and shipped my package the same day. Too notch company!

  44. Miley Dunn

    ???? I wasn’t expecting them to be quite this good!! I thought they would be weak compared to dispensaries. Wrong! ????

  45. amypickens77

    Great Product!!

  46. Sarah Durke

    Best combination of CBD and THC that I have found. I can tell a huge benefit from having a perfect balance of both. These have been life changing for me!

  47. Alyssa Gardner

    These are actually better than the gummies I have bought at dispensaries! Really fast shipping too.

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