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Buy Delta 8 Moon Rocks with 6 Strain Options

If you are looking for Delta 8 Moon Rocks, you have come to the best place for Moon Rocks. We carry 6 different strains of Moon Rocks to choose:

  • Northern Lights x Berry Gelato Distillate
  • Orange Gelato Moonrocks x Orange Cookies Distillate
  • Kush Mints Moon Rocks X Lemon OG Kush Distillate
  • Zittles Moonrocks x Blue Zittles Distillate
  • Bubba Kush Moon Rocks x Sour Diesel Distillate
  • Skywalker OG x Ghost Train Haze Distillate
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What are Delta-8 Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks is the name given to cannabis buds that are soaked in a distillate containing CBD or THC, then rolled in a powder of cannabinoid-heavy kief. In other words, Moon Rocks is a way of combining two or more strains of cannabis into one product that produces powerful and multi-pronged effects.

You can think of Moon Rocks like a delicious cake lined with a flavorful fruit filling and topped with creamy frosting. Each component is satisfying on its own, but they achieve something transcendent when combined.

These Moon Rocks are a triple dose of cannabis flower that leads to powerful physical and mental effects. By combining the relaxing efficacy of Bubba Kush, the uplifting feelings produced by Diesel, and the restorative powers of CBG and CBD, these Delta 8 Moon Rocks relax the body and energize the mind.

How are Delta 8 Moon Rocks Made?

While the true story behind Moon Rocks may never be known, it’s clear that it originated in California in the 1970s as a way to use leftover kief and strengthen the power of low-quality cannabis.

Since then, the methods for making Moon Rocks have evolved into a more thoughtful process that doesn’t simply make a Frankenstein’s monster of stitched-together buds. Today’s Moon Rocks have greater concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids like CBG and CBD to complement the effects of the base strain and distillate.

The process of this product begins with an organic, greenhouse-grown Bubba Kush that is hand-trimmed at peak maturity. The buds are then soaked in a distillate with of Delta 8 Diesel terpenes, infusing into the plant while coating the buds with a sticky outer layer. The distillate-coated Delta 8 buds are then rolled in a powdery kief of CBG and CBD flower to create the rocky looking top coat and add a third source of cannabinoids to the product.

Get Over the Moon with Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Get over the moon from Blue Springs CBD with our Delta 8 Moon Rocks. Delta 8 Moon Rocks takes its name from its cratered and craggy appearance. But don’t let that fool you. These tiny rocks deliver boulder-size effects. Check out all our Flower Strains with Delta 8 THC.

What are the Types Delta 8 Moon Rock?

Try one of the six (6) strains (or try all of them) available through Blue Springs CBD. The psychoactive effects make it a rare product that energizes the mind while relaxing the body, and as a result many people use Moon Rocks to simply enjoy themselves. This is a product that works equally well in the day or evening, providing enjoyment, comfort, and relief whenever needed. These strains will get you very distinct flavors the different hemp flower strains have their own unique taste while adding purified Delta 8 Distillate over the flower, and then covered with as much CBG Kief as possible.

Here are the types of Delta 8 Moon Rocks:

Northern Lights Flower with Berry Gelato D8 Distillate

This moon rock strain includes one of the most popular cannabis strains, Northern Lights.  The Northern Lights flower is enhanced with a Berry Gelato Delta 8 distillate giving this Moon Rocks strain combination creating intense sedative sensations. This strain is the perfect indica-heavy smoke before going to bed.

The Berry Gelato D8 distillate, that coats of each nug of Moon Rocks, give a sweet taste and delivers a fruity aroma from it's namesake. Inhaling this strain leaves a candy blueberry flavor while the exhale tastes like a fruity gummy bear.

Orange Gelato covered with Orange Cookies Distillate

For the orange lovers! Orange Gelato flower covered in Orange Cookies Delta 8 Distillate is more than a orange-flavored moon rocks pick-me-up. It creates uplifting experience that can help with focus while helping diminish negative moods. This flower is a sweet-tasting and balanced hybrid strain, that has been known for producing a heady buzz with energizing feelings.

Kush Mints combined with Lemon OG Kush Distillate

We cover Kush Mints flower with melted delta 8 distillate of Lemon OG Kush to provide a fast-acting component to this sleep-friendly Moon Rocks combination. Most cannabis users familiar with Kush family strains won’t be surprised when they experience the sedative sensations and tranquil moods produced that help to manage stressed out and anxious feelings. The strain has a zingy lemon smell, thanks to a rich terpene profile dominate by D-Limonene, and a sweet taste that brings to mind citrus-flavored candy.

Zittles Moon Rocks covered with Blue Zittles Delta 8 Distillate

Zittles Moon Rocks has become one of our most popular combinations. The Blue Zittles delta 8 distillate delivers tingly, almost out-of-body sensations while the Zittles flower provides a reeling and uplifting cerebral experience. Together, it’s a fully unique experience that affects the body and mind equally. Zittles is a indica-dominant hybrid strain that produces an energizing feeling that keeps users fully aware to experience the relaxing and uplifting feelings it inspires.

Skywalker OG fortified with Ghost Train Haze Distillate

This strain of Moon Rocks uses the highly popular Skywalker OG flower that is fortified with Ghost Train Haze delta 8 distillate and covered with as much CBG Kief as possible.

Bubba Kush Flower enhanced with Sour Diesel Distillate

This was our first Moon Rocks strain we carried, and still a fan favorite because of the Bubba Kush.  It's the perfect combination of powerful sativa and potent indica in a Moon Rock strain. The of Bubba Kush that is enhanced by the powerful legendary sativa layer of terped Sour Diesel Delta 8 distillate.

Strongest Delta 8 THC Flower are Moon Rocks

With over 35% Delta 8 THC, Moon Rocks have the highest percentage of Delta 8 of any product.  Moon Rocks are made for experienced cannabis smokers or people who need higher doses of THC to feel relief.

These kief-covered buds are sticky and pleasant with a chocolate-coffee aroma that includes faint notes of fruit upon exhale. When you break open one of these Moon Rock nugs, you will see a darker green color and bulky bud structure. The taste is a flavorful, earthy and fruit mixture that is closer to true cannabis than hemp.

Delta 8 Moon Rocks produces intense body effects that hit within five minutes of first smoking and grow slowly for 15 minutes. At the same time, psychoactive effects boost mood and add an upbeat feel to accompany the slow unwinding of the body.

At ~37.5% Delta 8 THC, These Moon Rocks are the Most Potent D8 Flower Available

The nugs themselves are as potent as Delta 8 hemp flower gets, with more than 50% of the plant made up of active ingredients. Moon Rocks averages 37.5% Delta 8 THC — much higher than percentages in other typical Delta 8 strains — and is balanced out by generous servings of CBG, CBD, and terpenes that help to strengthen and complement the bud.


What's the Best Way to Smoke Delta 8 Moon Rocks?

Despite what you may have heard, Moon Rocks is best smoked through glass pipes with medium or large shafts.

The distillate that binds the kief to the flower can cause problems when rolled into a joint or blunt and keep it from staying lit. Some users get around this by combining Moon Rocks with a generous helping of CBG or CBD flower that burns better. It’s also best to avoid thin pipes because the heated distillate can clog narrow passageways. Many enthusiasts insist that bongs are the best way to consume Moon Rocks.

First: Break Up One Bud (or Nug)

The first step in smoking Moon Rocks is to break up a single nug into small chunks. It’s best to do this with a knife or your hands instead of using a grinder. Because Moon Rocks are dusted with a powdery kief, crushing the bud up in a grinder produces a big mess, and its sap-like stickiness makes it hard to work with.

Second: Place Portion of Broken Up Moon Rock Nug in Smoking Apparatus

Once you’ve cut or broken up a Moon Rock nug, take a small portion place it loosely in the bowl of a glass pipe or bong. (Note: If you plan on combining Moon Rocks with a CBG or CBD flower, be sure to add it in first — and again, pack it loosely — before placing a Moon Rock chunk on top of it.)

Third: Light Bowl of D8 Moon Rocks

Light the Moon Rocks with slowly with a soft flame (not a torch) and inhale slowly. If you’re using a regular pipe, angle it slightly away from yourself as you inhale to prevent clogging.


The Delta 8 Moon Rock nug may begin to bubble and melt during smoking. This is normal. Just be sure not to touch it after it’s been lit because it will stick to you and make for an unpleasant sensation.

The sticky distillate often produces big clouds, so be prepared for a big exhale.

Once you’ve inhaled enough, let a slow exhale. And be prepared to cough. The first hit can be a surprise to users who have never tried a Moon Rocks product before.

Be Careful: Delta 8 Moon Rocks Will Get You High

Most importantly: Be careful! Delta 8 THC produces a milder, gentler high than Delta 9, but the psychoactive effects can still overpower users to take too much. Because Blue Springs CBD Moon Rocks has such a high concentration of Delta 8 THC, it’s best to start with a very small amount and wait 20-30 minutes before trying more.

Additional information


1g, 3g, 7g, Half Oz (14g), Ounce (28g)


Northern Lights x Berry Gelato D8 Distillate, Orange Gelato Moonrocks x Orange Cookies Distillate, Kush Mints Moon Rocks x Lemon OG Kush Distillate, Blue Zittles Moon Rocks X Blue Zittles Distillate, Bubba Kush Moonrocks X Sour Diesel Distillate, Skywalker OG x Ghost Train Haze Distillate

94 reviews for Delta 8 Moon Rocks

  1. Adam Clay

    Best moon rocks on the market!

  2. Mitch Singletary


  3. Clint McAlister

    Hard to believe these are legal! Lol! Highly recommend. These Moon Rocks ROCK!

  4. Autum Baker

    Wow! Absolutely amazing. Hard to believe these are legal. Hands down amazed!

  5. Kimberly

    Moon rocks, all I can say is amazing. I had no problem sleeping. This stuff is great!

  6. Francisco A. Bautista

    Just as the other reviews, WOW! I tried 2 other brands, and this one by far is the strongest. Get these!!!

  7. Emilia Fishcher

    Smoke is smooth and potent compared to other moon rocks; I’ve tried moon rocks from three other sources and this is by far the finest. I intend to return as a regular customer. I have an old shoulder injury that hurts like a wolverine from hell, but I’m not in any agony while I type this. Thank you very much.

  8. Imogen Crace

    Great product with a pleasant organic taste that isn’t too sweet or bitter, but rather a natural flavor that is uplifting to the spirit.

  9. Paul L.

    GREAT product! I’ve tried other brands of moon rocks and this is by far the best! Smooth smoke with pleasant earthy taste. You will not be disappointed by these rocks! I will be a retuning customer for sure!

  10. Nicholas Whitlam

    Very smooth, sweet, and enjoyable, with a great mellow high that lasts quite a long.

  11. Edward Miller

    The Moon Is Amazing. I’ve worked for a few different firms, and they’ve all been too tough for me (too much distillate). This firm struck the ideal balance. The taste was pleasant, and the effects were felt almost immediately. Also, the shipping was lightning fast.

  12. Anthony Edith

    Awesome. The merchandise is excellent and the shipping was quick. I got the 1/4oz to try it out and have already upgraded to the 1/2oz because it is so amazing.

  13. Maureen G. Chasse

    Fast shipping and excellent quality make it easier for me to have a good night’s sleep. You’ll notice a deeper green tint and a hefty bud structure when you break open one of these Moon Rock nugs. The flavor is rich, earthy, and fruity, and it tastes more like genuine cannabis than hemp.

  14. Rory McDougall

    This moon rock is incredible… Overall, I’m extremely impressed; it looks great and smokes even better. One of the best Delta 8 products I’ve tried is Sticky.

  15. John Gray

    They burnt beautifully. I quickly felt the results and will purchase again.

  16. Kelly J. Vest

    Exceptionally impressive! This is my fourth purchase, and I couldn’t be happier. In my opinion, this is by far the best product on the market. I will continue to place orders in the future.

  17. Tracy D. Hyatt

    It was smoother and had a greater flavor than the others sent. Your products are fantastic, and you provide excellent service. I’ve referred a lot of people to you and they’ve all placed orders.

  18. Joshua

    I tried some of these and they were absolutely incredible! I felt great afterwards

  19. Karli Bartlett

    I can’t say enough good things about this company, and these products! Customer service is amazing. Fast shipping. And I really like the fact that they carry so many different strains of moon rocks. I don’t know of any other company doing this, especially with this level of quality. I also like using their different strains of flower, as well as Delta 8 gummies before bed.

  20. Lisa Blankenship

    I can not even tell you all the good things about how this company works. Fast shipping, great customer service and fast response to my email. The product was wonderful. I love the moon rocks and can’t wait to try all the strains. Would most certainly, well actually already recommending this company to friends.

  21. Tyler Studer

    Holy s*@t!!! I never thought that these would hit has hard as they do! Getting these, and legally is a game changer for me. I’ve told everyone I know, and even had to share for them to experience what I have. Awesome product!!!!

  22. Randall Parker

    GAS!!! Tried the Kush Mints an now I’ll be tryin every strain they got.

  23. Dane Glass

    The moon rocks are good, Strong, 100 percent gas.

  24. Brian Metz

    After I about coughed my lungs across the room, I experienced the most intense high I ever have, and I have a good tolerance from weed. Definitely legit. I’m now a frequent flyer at Blue Springs CBD. Lol!

  25. Jayce Sanders

    Glad I gave them a try after reading all of these reviews. Outstanding customer service, and their moon rocks are heads and tails above their competition. I’ve tried most of the “top brands”, and these have proven to be superior. Ships faster too.

  26. Jessica Mayfield

    Just got my order today. Only took 2 days! I’ll have the others on here, as these moon rocks are the real deal for sure.

  27. Charles Meierer

    Great communication, and super fast shipping. As far as quality….superb!

  28. Shane Hanson

    Not what I expected from a Delta 8 product. Far exceeded even my highest expectations. I have never been this high from weed.

  29. Andrea Fairmont

    I’m not one to leave reviews, but for this I will. I highly recommend these moon rocks in any of the strains. I have tried them all. Also can’t speak highly enough for the hands on customer service and crazy fast shipping. 10 stars if I could.

  30. Viktor Celano

    I’m a stoner from the 60’s have been smoking my whole life. I was sent here by my buddy started with a few grams to test it. This being legal is mind blowing. Ordering multiple strains in 7 grams at least twice a month, sometimes more.

  31. Keeston Thompson

    Bought these based on reviews. Everyone is right on these. Super sticky, and hit hard. You can’t go wrong with these, just be prepared!

  32. Chase Ritter

    Tried the Skywalker OG Moon Rocks, Blue Zittles Moon Rocks, and Berry Gelato Moon Rocks. All of them were fantastic! Same great quality and high, nice mixture of flavors and aromas from the different strains. I just ordered the remaining strains I haven’t tried and will do another review.

  33. Caleb York

    Awesome stuff! This one hits REALLY HARD! I’ve loved every single item I have bought from here. It’s Friyay, so Moon Rocks are on deck!

  34. Cierra Hill

    I wasn’t quite ready for how hard these hit. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. So beware, these are an extremely hard hitting product. Blew my expectations away, and I’m a heavy weed smoker.

  35. Madelyn Fleishman

    Better than weed IMO. These are my go to. Awesome product delivered quickly right to my door with no legal concerns.

  36. Christopher Chapman

    FIRE!!! I have never experienced Moon Rocks before. An experience it is! Highly recommend. Great overall company.

  37. Michael Tindle

    Tried both the Sour Diesel and Skywalker OG and both were absolutely amazing. The first one when I opened it I could smell instantly and the euphoric feel I got was so good and relaxing. Skywalker OG was so mellow but slowly built up to a nice head high. I recommend both types of moon rocks and looking forward to trying the other flavors

  38. ralphjones0708

    Tried the blue zittles and the bubba kush was totally blown away with the product. Will definitely continue being an customer!!

  39. Rene F

    Absolutely amazing. Blown away by the quality, taste and smoothness of them. Definitely will be purchasing more shortly lol

  40. Timbo

    Very happy with whole entire transaction went as smooth can go!Great product plan to order again ASAP!

  41. deefuu

    Love this product defiantly plan to try all flavors. Thanks BlueSprings

  42. Catherine Self

    Super fast shipping. Just as fast as Amazon. Product was above my expectations. Very satisfied customer.

  43. Timbo

    Great as always,great product,fast shipping great price.

  44. Elaina

    These moonrocks were exaclty what I was looking for. The flower is well saturated in distillate, which i prefer to the drier moonrocks offered by other brands. I’d highly recommend the northern lights x berry gelato; it tastes REAL good. I will definitely be purchasing again.

  45. Rene F

    Amazingly fast shipping. I’ve tried Northern Lights x Berry Gelato Distillate and Kush Mints Moon Rocks X Lemon OG Kush Distillate. I plan on trying the Zittles Moonrocks x Blue Zittles Distillate next. Definitely the best Moonrocks on the market

  46. Terry Lucas

    Came on here to order more in different strains, so I felt compelled to leave a review after such a good experience. Quality is heads and tails over anything else out there. Shipping was stupid fast.

  47. Steven Clatt

    Fantastic. Let me say I have tried other company’s moon rocks. These here are on point. Saturated with oil. 2 tokes of these and boom…..hello world!!

  48. Juan Chavez

    I really like these. The shipping was fast. I believe you should try them. Thank you!

  49. Shelly McCain

    The best moon rocks I’ve found. They are soaked very well in the distillate, much more than any other brands I’ve tried. And the flower itself is higher quality as well. I’m leaving a review to hopefully save other people time and money by letting them know that Blue Springs CBD is far superior, as I’ve tried many of the top brands.

  50. Cadence Stawn

    I’m a virgin to moon rocks. Ooey gooey goodness! I’m in love with these! Since I was new to it I decided to buy some of each strain. They are all incredible. Blue Springs CBD you just got a lifetime customer. Thank you!

  51. Jamie Stafford

    Every product I have tried is amazing! Really fast shipping. Highly recommend.

  52. Eddie Rutledge

    You can tell right off the bat that these are soaked well in distillate. That is my main complaint about the other moon rocks out there. They all seem to skimp on the most important part (I would assume due to cost?). Great product. Great service. Fast shipping

  53. Larry Jeffries

    I’m a weed smoker from back in the 70’s, and have been ever since then. I’ve tried it all. For a legal alternative this is the real deal. A smoker buddy of mine turned me on to Blue Springs CBD for the Moon Rocks. I’ll be a loyal customer for sure. ROCK ON!

  54. Steve Brown

    Hey there, fellow smokers! I just want to tell y’all EXACTLY what to expect if you’re interested in moonrocks from Blue Springs!
    I just tried the Northern Lights/berry gelato strain, & as an experienced smoker (47 yrs) I’m telling you; THESE ARE EXCELLENT! ???? I’ve smoked LOTS of different moonrocks & these are the absolute BEST! All the others had no real smell, no flavorful taste…they weren’t bad, but tasted like tar, sort of. They were decently strong, but these NL & BG moonrocks are DELICIOUS! They are MUCH STRONGER! They’ll put you in a TRANCE! It only takes a LITTLE BIT, & it burns a LONG time! When you get your order & open it you’ll smell a strong DELICIOUS smell! They taste GREAT! Every hit tastes great too, not just the 1st one, but EVERY one! From here on, I’ll only get moonrocks from BS now, there’s no reason to go anywhere else! BS has 6 strains to select from, so you won’t get burnt out on having only 1 or 2 to choose from. Do yourself a BIG favor & order some now! Also, go ahead & get at least 7 grams, if you order less it’ll cost slightly more, & you WILL wish you’d gotten more! IM about to place another order myself, for a LOT more! Get you some too, you can thank me later for the advice. Oh, & if you have any questions or need help, speak w/ Kurt. I know you’ll get treated right! ????✌????

  55. Japapa

    Got the Skywalker OG x Ghost Train Haze moonrocks and they smell absolutely amazing and get you very nicely baked. I do have to use a bit more to achieve the same high as some other companies ive tried, but the flavor and smell of this one is definitely the best. I use a vaporizer mixed with delta 8 flower and the moonrocks vaporize perfectly

  56. Eduardo

    Great stuff new buyer and definitely will come back

  57. daniel

    skywalker og is awesome taste great and great effects burns slow last quite awhile,

  58. daniel

    very good would recommend

  59. oosswwaalldd

    This product is simply AMAZING! It made me change my mind about Delta-8, the high sensation is very very smooth (so is the smoke) . I just loved it.

    100% recommended!

  60. Madison Fowler

    Only took 2 days to get my order! That was first of all amazing. And then I cut some of these up and threw them in a bowl mixed with Moonwalker flower. Burns nice and slow, and is a great mix with the flower. Be prepared to cough with a good hit. Lol! Needless to say it got me very high. 5 stars for sure, and just placed another order!

  61. Joshua Felton

    Orange Gelato! Tastes so good, and hits even harder! As soon as I get paid I’m getting more strains. Trust the reviews. You will love these!

  62. Terry England

    Zittles is a smooth smoke, that has the kick you want, I will return!

  63. Tanner Hess

    Kush Mints has a great aroma and flavor. Hits hard! I definitely recommend this brand of moon rocks.

  64. Stanley McNeal

    Bubba Kush Moon Rocks x Sour Diesel Distillate – mind blowed. I was surprised and couldn’t believe it. Nice

  65. Ashley Briggs

    Shipping was super fast! I started with the Blue Zittles, and Orange Gelato. Both were above what I had expected. I can’t wait to try the other strains! It’s like being in a candy store! lol

  66. Steve Munford

    Great product! These moon rocks are everything they company claims them to be. Also, great service from Blue Springs. Fast shipping and good solid packaging. You can’t go wrong with their quality and service!

  67. Clayton Pool

    Bruh….????. Orange Gelato. I’ll be trying all the strains now. Good work Blue Springs CBD. I’m locked in.

  68. Christian Venegas

    At this point I don’t have a favorite. Lol! I have tried all 6 strains, and just when I thought I had it narrowed down to at least a few, I don’t. Every single strain brought heat, and didn’t disappoint. I guess now I get to keep mixing it up, which is good for me, because I smoke a LOT! Lol!

  69. Quinten Moriarty

    Shipping is crazy fast! Then it was off to the moon!!! These are the real deal. Everything about this company is awesome.

  70. Landon Peters

    PREMIUM quality! My package always consistently comes in 2 days. I have tried every strain now, and every moon rocks strain is ????.

  71. Lisa farris

    My first experience with delta 8…. Shipping and packaging was excellent . Drop a little on top of flower and boom strait to the moon Alice…

  72. Donovan Brown

    ???? Not what I expected from Delta 8! These are LEGIT!

  73. Laurie Dole

    These are actually legal?!?! Holy crap! These are amazing!

  74. pross1617

    Try the skittles moon rocks and they were amazing

  75. Brett Rasmussen

    I got my package in 2 days. I went straight to an oz. of Skywalker. As soon as I opened the quality was apparent. After a couple of test rides I can honestly say the quality is superb.

  76. Jesse Roland

    First stop was Skywalker OG. ???? After sampling that, it’s on to the others! Amazon Prime shipping to top it off.

  77. Chase Schultze


  78. Terry England

    Wow, the best moonrocks by far.

  79. Caleb Fountain

    Best moon rocks out there bar none. Kurt has great communication and ships fast.

  80. Christopher Broughton

    This is the best d8 if ever had. 3 hits and you are fried for over 2 hours

  81. dwages

    Best d8 on the market. High quality and fast shipping. I messed up my order and had a reply within the hour to fix it.10/10 company 🙂

  82. Emily Frazier

    I’ve tried others. Don’t waste your money. These are the best Moon Rocks out there, and will send you to the moon! ????

  83. Jamie Klein

    The Reviews on here are accurate. These are incredible! Fast ship as well.

  84. milehighoshea5280

    wanted to leave a review on the moon rocks I ordered. Man the taste then smoothness of the smoke and the high that got me stuck in the couch.I am letting all my friends and social media poopes know that blue springs has the fire smoke.. you will never find a better online company thank you blue springs CBD…Super Danknwsss

  85. James Stragwell

    Arrived just in time for New Years Eve, and boy did they put an explanation point on the night! I’m a loyal customer going into 2023! ????

  86. Skylar Cross

    These pack a serious punch! ???? Who would have thought Delta 8 could hit this hard? These are a must , and shipping was fast too.

  87. Glenn

    Excellent small company!!! Ordered about three of the six strains of Moon Rocks. First tried the Sour Diesel it was fire. Now on to the Blue Zittles and the Kush Mints. Thanks for wonderful product and amazing service. Is the purple haze a thing or what lol lol…

  88. Paul Letner

    The BEST moon rocks out there! Will blow your mind!

  89. Randall Walls

    Holy smokes!!! ???? I sampled the Blue Zittles, Orange Gelato, Skywalker OG, and Northern Lights. Loved all of them, and ordering the others now! Shipping and customer service are top notch too.

  90. Sammy Rosson

    Most excellent!!!

  91. Dominic Roberts

    HEAVY HITTER! ???? Wasn’t expecting it to be this strong!

  92. Kennedy Callahan

    I buy an ounce at a time. There’s no since in getting a small amount, because you’re going to love these moon rocks. They always ship super fast too.

  93. Adam Knoche

    Shipping is Prime fast. Amazing customer service. And the quality of their products are heads above the others.

  94. mtarg305

    Phenomenal Moonrocks. Reminds me of old school Hash from Turkey.
    Beautiful consistency. Flavor is a bit light but the smoke is smooth and good vibes. Gets the Job Done!

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