CBD Isolate Sublingual Oil – 1,000mg



Blue Sky Farms 1,000mg CBD Sublingual Oil

Blue Springs CBD now carries this 1,000mg CBD – THC Free Sublingual Oil from Blue Sky Farms.

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1,000mg CBD Oil Tincture - THC Free

Where do I start?

Our Blue Sky Farms 1,000mg Sublingual Oil CBD is our "middle of the road" sublingual dropper. This particular dosage is quickly becoming our customers favorite in the sublingual oil category. The 1,000mg fits right in between the 500mg, and the 1,500mg. This makes it a good all around dosage.  It's not too much, yet not too little!

This particular dose is a favorite of mine and one that I recommend quite often. Our clients are very pleased with the results from using this dosage. Please keep in mind that this is highly individual, and we recommend starting slow to asses your own tolerance. Our droppers have graduated cylinders.  This means there are markings on the dropper for easy measurement.  Now you can precisely measure the perfect amount for you!

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD there is. This means that CBD has been "isolated" from the other parts in the cannabis plant.  The advantages to this is that there is virtually no THC.  This will be helpful you if you are subject to a urinalysis test, or are highly sensitive to THC.  Some of our clients prefer to not consume any amount of THC based on personal choice.  Another advantage of isolate is that CBD Isolate doesn't have a taste. A Full Spectrum Sublingual Oil does have a taste to it.  So our Blue Sky Farms CBD Sublingual Oils are actually over 99% pure CBD, which are also tested to be free of impurities such as pesticides, and mold.

We realize that with all the information, and constantly changing landscape of the CBD market, that it can be confusing.  Don't worry!  We are here to help you! If you have any additional questions that we can help you with please Contact Us!


6 reviews for CBD Isolate Sublingual Oil – 1,000mg

  1. Jackie Cross

    A friend told me about Blue Sky Farms CBD, after I had tried other brands with varying results. From my experience this is the best brand I have used, and can definitely notice the difference.

  2. Stacey Halfmann

    I decided to try it and I feel so much better. Great product

  3. Stacey Halfmann

    I decided to try it because nothing was helping me. Surprised on how much better I feel!

  4. Steven Simmons

    I tried Blue Sky Farms CBD after being told it would help me. Absolutely amazing! Best products I have used for not just my gym use but also everyday use. Love this stuff!

  5. Eric Brashears

    Awesome product. Shipping was fast. I highly recommend.

  6. Keri Tjaden

    We are local, but ordered for ease, and received our products in under 24 hours. Great prices. The Delta 8 gummies taste real good and are relatively healthy. Not a lot of sugar, but very good tasting. Have been using CBD for several years, and the sublingual oil is really reasonably priced and good quality. Will definitely order from Blue Springs CBD next time.

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    This 1,000 mg CBD Salve is the product that gave Blue Sky Farms CBD their name and place in the CBD market place.  The Pain Salve still continues today to be the top selling product for Blue Sky Farms CBD, and for good reason!  Once people try this product for themselves, they quickly realize what all the “hype” is about surrounding this product.  It’s so good that most clients pass their jar around to family and friends to have them sample this cream for themselves!

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Tested and Certified
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Heavy Metals Tested – No THC

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