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When one looks back even a couple decades into the past of the cannabis movement, one can see undeniable change has taken place. The movement towards decriminalization and eventual legalization has been a steady march towards progress, and today the hot-button cannabis issue of the day is the use of CBD products as legitimate medical treatment. With all the information being flung around, it can be hard to discern the difference between hemp and marijuana/cannabis. Slowly, the misinformation is being replaced by education. Medical journals and studies have drawn the line as definitely as they can, separating the truths from falsehoods to be summarized in the list below.


1. CBD (or cannabidiol) IS a natural chemical compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant variety. While hemp and marijuana are both Cannabis Sativa, they are their own individual plants.

2. Hemp-Derived CBD IS bred specifically to be low THC. Some CBD oils have trace amounts of THC, but many have isolated the CBD or the THC, making some Hemp-Derived CBD absolutely THC-Free. Hemp-Derived, THC-Free CBD is legal in all 50 states.




1. CBD does NOT get patients high. There is a mountain of undeniable evidence in support of this point, it’s one of the main incentives towards fully legalizing the use of CBD products.

2. CBD is not “pot”. It is not “marijuana”. THC is indeed another one of the active ingredients in the cannabis plant, but it serves a completely different purpose as well as finding its way into completely different receptors than the CBD. Hemp is bred with very low THC for non-high purposes like building material, clothing, and medicine.

3. CBD is NOT a fairly judged substance. Studies continue to churn out deluges of evidence that CBD products have garnered notable improvements in the conditions of various chronic pain sufferers. It’s has a relation to marijuana, so people are afraid. They shouldn’t be. Marijuana is not a bad plant either, but we are talking about Hemp-Derived CBD. A whole different plant. At this point, it is not a matter of if this revolutionary treatment will be fairly given a chance to heal people, but when.

Final Thought

We want you to be educated about these plants and how to treat yourself (legally). We provide links and we encourage you to talk to your doctors and research for yourself. Google “CBD in medical journals” and you will find so many scientific medical studies. Thanks for reading! Now let’s all take our Nano CBD Oil and apply our CBD lip balm, and venture out into the big, beautiful world to live a long, prosperous, healthy, and happy life! Here’s to US!

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